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I was first influenced by illustrators in the manga (Japanese comics) world.  People like Yoshitaka Amano, Ayami Kojima, Masamune Shirow and Takashi Obata to name a few.

I started, like most people, by copying what I saw.  Later it would influence me to illustrate and create on my own; to start dreaming and branching out with my own ideas. 

It was later when I started to receive an education in art that my horizons broadened and I was introduced to various art movements that would begin to influence my work.  Art movements such as Surrealism, Russian Constructivism, Bauhaus, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Pop Art and Street Art.

A large influence that came into my life early on and opened my eyes to the world of graphic design was a group that I had been familiar for awhile before I even realized what graphic design even was.  They are the Designers Republic.  They appeared on music albums, advertising campaigns and completely branded video games; they were my first real venture into graphic design as more than just design but, as an art form. 


yumicki defined

  1. A name derived from my lifelong interest in both Japanese pop culture and video games.
  2. It’s been a long habit of mine to use “Yum” as a prefix for the names of my favorite characters and then use that name as various online personas and avatars.  (It may also have something to do with me liking yummy food.)
  3. Once, while trying to enter my name (Jen) into a high score ranking on a video game with a 30-second time limit, I scrolled too fast through the alphabet and stopped on "I" instead of "J." With a 3-character limit and no undo function on this game, I was stuck with "I" and quickly thought of a name or a word I could use to substitute for my name. Thus, "Ick" was born.
  4. “yumicki” was the result of fusing my aliases.  Adding the 'i' to the end was a way to make the name flow better, sound more Japanese, and better reflect my inspirations and interests.
  5. A pen name.